Thursday, May 10, 2012

Author profile photos, are there rules?

I booked a photo shoot months ago but due to the horrid rain it took until late April to have it done all because I wanted outdoor shots.
Now I have been told that author profile pictures should be head/shoulder shots but I disagree, I mean are there rules? Does it say somewhere that editors and readers require in-house, studio head shots?
Well through my small career as an author so far, I haven't followed the conventional and thought why start now.
ere are some of the photos I thought of using and I'd love to hear your thoughts.
I have put more on facebook if you're interested.


Karin said...

Surely it's authors choice, so long as it's an acceptable photo! Unless you are a hunky hot male author and then unacceptable is acceptable LOL
All these photos look amazing Kerri! Was just checking out the ones on FB too. You should be very proud xo

BLCSDina said...

They are awesome! I really love the B n W one! All were terrific! Are they for a new book? Dina RAe

TerriB said...

Well, if that's a rule, then I broke it too! I had some taken outside and some inside and ended up using an outdoor shot. I think your shots came out awesome and you will have something that is unique and reflects you, your personality, and your writing style. If anyone complains, just tell them it's part of your branding strategy :-)

Sally Christie said...

I prefer a head shot. But, then I am a short stubby person using a cane. Seriously, I'd prefer using someone else's photo but that would be like cheating on a dating website. :)

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

I think they are gorgeous photos and any of them would be beautiful as an author photo.

Alicia said...

As first I thought the hammock shot at the top was one, Kerri, & thought 'what a great idea, it just needs a face looking around to be perfect'!

Kaz Delaney said...

Just because something traditionally happens doesn't make it a rule, Kerri. And anyway - who cares if there is a rule? :-)

These are gorgeous. I particularly love the black and white on the bridge. I think it's the most natural pose and yet it's mysterious. Makes me wonder what you're thinking. (Very Mona Lisa!!) There's a story going on there - very intriguing photo.Perfect author shot. Go you!

(And don't you dare ruin my little analysis here and post back that you were thinking/hoping an ant didn't crawl up your skirt and bite your butt!)

Great shots, Kez. Be proud. I'm off to check out the FB ones.

Natalie said...

These are great. I like the one in the water because I had to look twice. I do not like generic glamour head shots where all you can tell about the author is whether they had a good make up artist!

Kerri Williams said...

Oh my gosh, where do I start?
Karin- hunky male- I want one. (hubby doesn't count.)
Dina-for new look and web stuff.
Terri- Exactly!
Sally- I was nervous coz I'm short and lets say a chunky lol, but I thought every time the papers or blogs want a photo I cringe at the ones they have so I wanted something nice.
Karly- awwe, thanks
Alice- I love the hammock pic too.
Kaz- I wont burst your bubble but will tell you at some point I got a leech. ewww
Natalie- I hate the days of our lives shots too, that's why I did this kind of thing.

Thanks everyone for such awesome support. You all rock

imeldaevans said...

I think they're gorgeous, Kerri. I especially love the one in the water, but I like all of them!

Kerri Williams said...

Thanks Imelda, it's funny how most of the authors I have spoken to are taken by that one. lol
would it be the books?
I loved using the pages of an old book in the pics, that was my fav