Saturday, June 30, 2012

50k in 30 Days..I DID IT!

That's right my fellow writers and readers, I did it!
I believed and so I did it.
11:55pm day 29 and I looked at my count and realized for the first time I finished the 50k challenge in time and one day spare.

It has been one hell of an awesome month, I was able to type the end on book two of my WIP series and start book three and this would never have been done without the pressure of a deadline. 
Thanks Romance Writers of Australia for once again helping me achieve a goal, you guys rock!
Congrats to all who achieved theirs too, keep typing for those who haven't yet and for those whose goal was just too big this month or life got in the way again, I can relate and don't feel bad. I bet you wrote more than you would have if you hadn't joined the challenge.

Anyways, I deserve sleep now.
Happy writing and reading 

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Kez said...

Congrats all round Kez :)