Saturday, June 30, 2012

Easy books and voucher giveaways with Kerri Williams

  I'm celebrating my achievement of making June's 50k in 30day challenge through July by offering free books in your choice of digital format to three random sharers and a bonus 
$10.00 Amazon voucher to another winner. 
All you have to do is click on the covers here and  then click like on the Amazon like and share.
Easy as that!

Now if you buy anyone of these books there is another great contest next week, so keep your eyes open for that one too, keep your receipt whether it be amazon, fishpond, mobipocket, whatever for your chance but for now help me celebrate with a couple of clicks and share, share, share!.


Monique said...

Done and shared Nudging Cupid on my author page!

kooks said...

Liked and shared Cant wait to see your new WIP when its released

Kerri Williams said...

I saw. You are in the draw and good luck.

Kerri Williams said...

Kooks, Thank you and wish you luck in the draw. As for WIP I hope to pitch to Penguin in August and if it doesnt pan out I'm seriously contemplating Indie

Anonymous said...

So very proud of you for accomplishing this amazing feat! Thanks for sharing your joy with all of this!

Kerri Williams said...

Wendy, you're like this awesome cheer squad across the globe. Thank you and you also go in the running

Tressa Sager said...

Much Love Kerri!!!! Shared,Pimped and loving them!!!!!