Monday, June 4, 2012

My top three Young Adult must read list

Everyone have favorites and I am amazed that my top three are not from traditional publishers and yet it makes me happy that these fantastic authors have done better than they ever hoped.

So here they are:

So I cheated with that one since there are actually two, but it's a series and can NEVER be left to reading just the one. This couple has faced more than anyone ever should in their lifetime and nothing could take their love away. Warning---have a box of tissues handy! Colleen Did a fantastic job here.
Not only do Lake and Cooper have you swooning, slamming and singing to the Avette Brothers but they leave you so exhausted and yet you cant help but want to go through it all again.
Thank you Colleen, you rock babe!

Next in line:
Oh I loved this journey, it's intense and delicate. I could relate from when I first dated my husband at 16. Jamie copped a lot of flack over the protective nature of Travis and his violent streak against anyone who hurt his love- Pigeon but like I said, it's intense and young and had my heart beating fast for them.
I love Travis, he is complex and flawed and needs protecting himself and that's where his pigeon 'Abby' comes in. I now want to write a YA based on my hubby and I.
Thank you Jamie.

Last one:
OMGawd, give women power! Thanks to Tammara I think there will be a whole lot of new enrollments to self defense classes after they read Easy.
I really enjoyed this one, it is as the title says 'easy' to read and I love the character development. Jacqueline and Lucas were a beautiful couple and another example of a protective nature you to fall for.

All these books are available from amazon and Barnes & Nobel at a very affordable price.
Well worth the time and money.
Share your love for reading by spreading the word, these authors don't get the backing of the big chain stores of Walmart, Kmart, Big W and Target, they have us, their fans.
Happy reading and writing 


Kerri Williams said...

Sorry, i should have said they are available in many other stores too.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! All of them are AMAZING!

Kerri Williams said...

I know and what I also love is they are re-readable