Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reader under the scope in 13 questions.

I love this blog piece, getting to know our readers is a rare opportunity so I want to thank Jess Thompson for taking the time out of her young life to answer a few questions for us. 

1.       Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m a 20 year old female from Port Macquarie. I am a travel consultant; I love my job and can’t wait to explore every part of the world.

2.       What kind of reading material do you read?
I mostly enjoy fantasy novels, but have recently been enjoying other genres such as romance, crime and thrillers.
Me too!

3.       Where do purchase your books?
I usually purchase my books from big w or target, but recently I have been buying my books on my iphone kindle from
Me too, me too! Kindle on the iphone is so convenient.

4.       Do you have a favourite book and or author?
My favourite book is ‘Wizards First Rule’ written by Terry Goodkind. It is the first book in a series called ‘The Sword of Truth’ that I discovered when I was younger. All of the books in the series are amazing but the first one is definitely my favourite.
I also love ‘The Southern Vampire Mysteries’ by Charlaine Harris.

5.       What do you look for when you purchase your reading material?
I usually purchase books because they have been recommended to me by someone who reads similar genres to me. Or otherwise they are part of a series that I have already been reading. I very rarely go out and buy a book without already knowing that I will love it. If I don’t have anything to read and I want to try something different, I usually go to the library.
Jess, make sure I tell you about free samples on your kindle.

6.       Do you think book trailers are a good marketing tool?
Jess left this one blank and I'm assuming that she along with many other readers dont know much if anything about book trailers so I'm adding one of mine so you can see what they're about.

7.       Have you found your favourite authors on facebook, goodreads, twitter, google+, etc  and other social media and if so do you interact?
Actually, I haven’t really thought about it. But I think I might go and see if I can find them because I’m always interested in hearing updates about books that I am looking forward to.
I LOVE facebook and twitter for this reason. I have 'met' some fantastic authors whom I never would have without it.

8.       Have you joined any book clubs or reading associations, if not does this interest you?
I would love to join a book club, unfortunately I work 6 days a week and don’t know when I would fit it in. I also don’t know of any book clubs in the area. But it certainly does appeal to me, one of my favourite things about reading is discussing the book after I’ve finished with someone else who loved it.
Again Jess, we need to have a chat.

9.       What is your pet peeve in a story?
My pet peeve in a story is when a good book gets repetitive. When this happens I find myself skimming over the repetitive parts and it just makes me lose interest.

10.   Are you reading anything at the moment?
I am reading Kerri's WIP. She wanted a readers perspective and since we love the same stuff she asked me. :)
I'm nervously awaiting her judgment. lol

11.   What do you think of it so far?
I am really enjoying it. I love the mixture of romance and mystery, and I love the fact that I can relate to the book (Only because it is sort of set in Port Macquarie). I find myself imagining the characters running down the streets where I live, it’s pretty cool.

12.   What’s your most favourite part?
I haven’t finished yet (I am about 250 pages in), But so far I like every part! I love when they’re on the run, I love the romance scenes and I love when they’re hatching plans and fighting the bad guys J
Oooh, I'm giddy :)

13.   Who would you recommend this book to?
I would recommend this book to females, probably anywhere between the ages of 18 to 50.

Thank you Jess, you rock!

If anyone has some questions for Jess, I'll pass them on and answer as soon as possible.
Happy reading and writing

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