Thursday, January 31, 2013

50k in 28 days because 30 is two too many challenge

I join the 50k in 30day every year and I use it to boost my WIP. Well I need boosting and can't wait for the mid year challenge.
So I posted I was going to do it in feb. As in tomorrow (eek) and posted it in a group where the idea has taken off  and I dubbed us CLUB50.
Some have taken part in similar challenges as I have and some a rookies. We are from all over the world and we are excited to get the words and encouragement rolling. 
If you would like to join if you want to partake,
 other wise cheer for us as we blog and post our achievements and some days our woes. Let's hope for more achievements though ;)
Some of us will make it and some will die freakin' trying.
Stay tuned.


Wendy said...

I might join just to be a cheerleader for all you awesome authors!!!!!

Kerri Williams said...

go for it. I'll go approve you now. we need a cheerleader