Sunday, January 27, 2013

Highs & Lows of Australia Day weekend

Australia Day Long weekend was anticipated to be a little wet with the cyclone from QLD heading our way, but being the typical aussies we are, we thought we'd have a go anyway and here is how it went:

  • Arrive at Maccas for brekky. MMMMMM Vanilla Latte.
  • HIGH! Arrived at Knorrit Flats to a lovely elderly couple giving us a free Australia Day cake each. and it was yummy!
  • High: discover they hire out big tractor and truck tyre tubes to float down river AND the do five pick ups a day in a van, take you up river and drop you off. SICK!
  • High: only three camps to a fire site, which means HEAPS of room and privacy.
  • High: we pass flushing toilets and HOT showers. OMG, I'm in love.
  • Low: set up time
  • High: set up only took an hour and was flollowed by a cool berry cider.  
  • HIGH! the river is so damn awesome. We swim up, kids on massive floaty whales and dolphins and then ride the rapids down to the smooth water to only do it all again.
  • High: watching mick drag the canoe up and ride the rapids. Crack up!
  • High: laughing at brother use a PINK float bed down the rapids amongst men with Australia Day BLUE devices and manly  tyre tubes.
  • High: nanna naps. I love nanna naps!
  • Low: there is a line up for showers so we wait.
  • High: fire roast dinner is de-bomb.
  • Low: the shower rain is begining
  • Low: still line up for shower, but getting dark so we wait.
  • High: selfishly laugh at daughter who cries over the cubical 'oh my god i just dropped my undies on the wet floor' LOL
  • Low: Karma is a bitch! I try to get damp feet into pants and they fall on wet floor.
  • High: awesome night by fire with stories, laughs and everything. lets not talk about boyd and the marchetti
  • Low: realise you need to do one last loo run in the dark with kids
  • High: Mick does middle of the night loo run with the kids :)
  • Low: It's pissing down with rain when I wake up and need to do a loo run before I burst.
  • High: Bacon and eggs. enough said there.
  • High: play Australia trivia.
  • Low: I'm an un- Australian idiot when it comes to history
  • High: I'm wearing my Green Bay Packers shirt with pride!
  • Low: rain is NOT letting up, hubs heads up the mountain to check weather forecast to discover it's going to get worse. Like way worse. Qld is REALLY bad and it's on its way here.
  • Low: pack up in rain a day early leaving brother and sister out there.
  • Low : I pull wrong pegs out and camper could collapse. Should wait for instruction. Whoops.
  • Low: Soaking wet, packed up and a spider is on my leg. Yeah, the eight legged, evil, man dropping, scary-ass creature spawned to terrify me. I kicked my leg to flick it off and it went in direction of one of the girls who screams and hates me for five whole minutes. I'm thinking I can live with that since spider is gone.
  • Low: about to get in 4x4 and Olly gets bitten by a bull ant. ouch! 
  • High: we are on our way home, then we are home and we are dry and full and spent.
  • Low: turn on news to see what's happened in QLD.
  • High: grateful we got out of there when we did.
  • Low: Cant believe we didn't take lots of photos
  • High: Can't wait to go back!
So you see, even though we are home early, we had a great time and will return! With photos.

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