Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Days... Blood For Justice + excerpt

You heard right, only three days before its released.
The third novel in THE MOORE JUSTICE TRILOGY, Blood For Justice, has some antsy peeps waiting and I'm one of them. 
Yes, I'm guilty of buying my own novels, LOL.
So I thought I'd leave you a teaser because I'm a freakin' tease.
(no spoilers, I promise. Which is so damn hard to find a piece that wont give away the plot and yet is interesting)
Enjoy and look out for it on the amazon shelf 24th Jan 2013

Claire nodded, aware that everyone was watching, waiting anxiously in silence. “What kind of cake?”
He tilted his head to the side, cocking a brow and giving her a look she also knew well. “The edible kind.”
Eli,” Penny scolded.
He rolled his eyes and Claire smiled impulsively. “The only edible kind is chocolate fudge.”
Eli flinched before grinning. “Right. Mum says cheese cake, but dude, cheese and cake? Yeah, no. Those two foodstuffs shouldn’t be pooled into any cake tin.”
Claire laughed, not only from his misunderstanding of cheesecake, but because of his wit. He reminded her of herself and…Jimmy. “Well, let’s go have some of that cake. Do you have a microwave in your cabin?”
“Does Jesus look like a poor rock-star?”

Do you want more?


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Anonymous said...

Yep...I'm one that's waiting...and waiting and waiting. And I was lucky enough to get an ARC!