Monday, November 19, 2012

Post Promotion for Hunger For Justice

Oh my gawd, what a big freaking day it was on Hunger For Justice freebie day. I was like a proud mother as I watched the ranking soar through Amazon. I went to bed with the ranks at twenty something thousand and woke up to a message by the great and wonderful Jennifer all excited that it was soaring. 
By mid morning (here) Hunger For Justice was #3 Teen Romance & #7 Romantic Suspense. 
What The!
Can you imagine my celebration dance? Not pretty, but funny and exciting none the less.
So now its two days later and I have picked up some sales which by research will gradually build, but some asked if it is worth it.
Well I gave away 1650 copies in total and yes that's sales I lose in a way, but you have to look at the whole picture. HFJ is book#1 of a Trilogy. This means that an extra 1650 readers might pick up Heart for Justice which is book #2 and then maybe (hopefully) book #3 Blood of Justice.
I'm sure you've heard the saying you have spend money to make money, well it is similar only zero outlay. It was one of the best advertisements you can get.
So now I sit back and I plan for the next promo in time for Heart For Justice release and see if it pays off.
All in all, I'm happy that 1650 readers out in the world have a piece of my baby and if they like it they may share the news and BANG, I have a readership.
Right now, I need to keep writing and you need to keep reading ;)
Happy reading and writing,


Kerri Williams said...

Okay, you know you need a big cup of Jo when you dont get the name of your title right.
Book #3 is called BLOOD FOR JUSTICE not of Justice.
Sorry my pets for the confusion

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome! I'm glad you made this decision! The next ones will FLY off the shelf! It's a great book.

Kerri Williams said...

crossing fingers and toes and legs and hmmm eyes. LOL

Jennie Brumley said...

I've read articles on the pros and cons of freebies as way of promotion and I think it all boils down to what works for you. Congratulations on your success! Here's hoping for a #1

Kerri Williams said...

Thanks Jennie.

Monique said...

Here's my question - oh wise one - did you promote the free day all over the all the sites devoted to free books etc or not so much? Considering doing it for one of my titles.


Kerri Williams said...

To Mon from oh wise one LOL
Well sweet you are one up on me, I didnt even know there were such sites.
I facebooked and twittered and let the world do the rest.
Easy and free.
Makes me wonder how I would have went had I knew of these magical sites. hehe