Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hunger For Justice - Available NOW!

You read right, Hunger For Justice is out NOW!

What the? you say. It wasn't supposed to be out until Saturday.
Yeah, I know. And it's actually a funny story.
For those who know me, you know how easily confused I get and well, I guess it happened again.
I was proud and bragging how I was able to upload HFJ onto Create A Space all by myself and then done the same with Amazon. Both of which I might add wouldn't let me choose the 17th. (I should have heard the warning bells then, huh) well they said they would email me once the review had gone through to make sure there were no major issues and when I woke this morning, what is sitting in my inbox (don't be rude) an email saying HFJ was live on Kindle. this is where I said 'what the?'
And then I let it sink in for ahhh, three seconds and I was on the computer and posting like a mad woman with no scruples over self promo statuses. LOL
So here I am, posting my news (again) and smiling like a true nutta in my pyjama pants because they are the first things I put on after work-but that's another story right there-and all I want to do is tell the world to check it out.

But...I can't just thump you all with selfish promo, so I'm going to run a giveaway. (this is the selfless part lol) For those who share the link to Hunger For Justice on your twitter or facebook or whatever, let me know and your name will go in the running. I have three copies to giveaway and it's easy to win.

Here is the link to share

Are you ready?
Tough. LOL


Kerri Williams said...

Congratulations to
*Alison Burley
*Marcia Le Grange-Bezuidenhout
*Debba Emly

I'll contact you via inbox facebook.
Thank you to everyone who shared and good luck in the next competition.

Kerri Williams said...

And of course typing in the dark leads to incorrect spelling.
Denna Emly I'm sorry.

Chris said...

This looks very good I got it and also shared your link on Twitter and Facebook :)