Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blogs. Are they a dinosaur act of exposure?

Why do we blog?
Well I don't know why You blog, but I blog for many reasons and yes I'll be honest and say it's also for exposure for my novels. Though that's not all it is about. I like to share, I'm a sharer. lol.
I share other peoples news and I share my own. I share promotions and announcements and practically anything I want to verbally vomit into the world wide web. But the funny thing is the world is ever changing.
When I fist started blogging maybe a couple of years ago almost, people commented all the time. Facebook wasn't huge and twitter was only for the famous. Now, I rarely see a comment, but because I feed my blog to my facebook I recieve plenty of comments there. 
So this being said-is blogging a dinosaur act of technology and exposure now?
I say no.
Although I don't see many comments here I do see the traffic and holy cow is there traffic. average 40-80 visits a day lately from all over the world. Now tell me blogging isn't worth it any more.
I know where they come from and not just the country, but also  from what site fed them to me and what computer program they used. 
I know I still read plenty of blogs, I love reviews and tangents and general news. Oh and let's not forget the How To blogs, how many times have I used those in my writing career.
So all in all, just because you don't see comments at the end of peoples blogs doesn't mean what they have to say isn't awesome ;)
But I will say this, I mean to keep blogging and damn it, I am going to make you keep reading them because I like to share.

Happy reading


Kez said...

I've noticed comments really dropping off my personal blog too. I think people are too used to just "liking" posts thanks to FB - comments are too hard now :)

Kerri Williams said...

That's true. I mean a lot if people have different accounts via WordPress and blogger, to leave a coment they must light in. It's much easier to just use facebook.
Thank you fir comenting though.

Eleni Konstantine said...

I agree with you Kerrie, the world is ever changing. I've realised for a while now that while the comments are down, the visits are there.

I love blogging because I can share more. FB is a quick hello. Blogging is a chat. I like chatting :)