Saturday, October 1, 2011

Count Down teaser. 7 days until Nudging cupid is released

It's a mere seven days until Nudging Cupid will be launched around the world and so I thought in the lead up I would give you just a small bite of the cake.
For the next seven days I will place a small excerpt/teaser so you the reader can feel the excitement too.


Ivy hadn’t a chance to open her eyes before she was twisted around midair and landed on something unyielding and warm, cushioning her from the onslaught of the harsh paved ground of the estate’s driveway. She was vaguely aware of the sound of the set’s floodlight and its steel frame hitting the ground with a loud clang, the explosion of the bulbs, the tinkle of glass scattering across the pavement and the screams from the crew around her. They were all muffled by the sound of heavy breathing—and it wasn’t hers.

Ooh, have I pricked your interest. Well tune in tomorrow for more.

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