Monday, October 3, 2011

Excerpt/teaser 3- Nudging Cupid.

Okay readers, there's only 4 more days until release day of Nudging Cupid and time for the third excerpt teaser.

Ivy couldn’t believe the audacity of the man. “How would you know if I wanted to see you again outside of the mansion?”

“I didn’t say you did. I said I knew I was coming back. I was hoping you would want to see me again outside of the mansion, and…” He tilted his head to her lap and smiled widely. “…I can see I was right.”

She looked from his cheeky eyes and muscle-melting broad smile to the screen filled with his empty bed. Her face grew molten hot. She could feel the blood rushing fast, the adrenaline still high from the shock and stammered for an answer. “I...I think you have misunderstood.”

He scoffed before closing the lid of her laptop and taking it from her and placing it on the coffee table. “We need to be honest.”

“We need to stop this,” she rebuked quickly, wishing she had something in her hands to busy herself with.

“We couldn’t even if we tried and if you’re honest, you would realize you don’t want to.”

His aqua-blue eyes set upon hers and inch by inch their bodies drew together like a strengthening magnet until their lips met in a lasting soft kiss.

Look out for tomorrow for your next teaser.

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