Thursday, October 6, 2011

That's all folks- Last Teaser before release date of Nudging Cupid

Okay readers, this is the last teaser before the US releases my second novel, NUDGING CUPID. I hope the you have enjoyed the small excerpts over the last six days and I look forward to hearing from those who have enjoyed another one of my stories.

Happy reading and look out for future news.

“Well, I’m not,” Matthew snapped. “You were deceptive this whole time. How long would you have shacked up with him and have him lie to the innocent women who are putting their whole hearts into this show?”

Pow! He had hit her where it hurt. After all, that was exactly what she had been doing. All the dignity and outrage to their deceit was deflated.

“Don’t talk to her like that,” Owen ground out from behind Ivy as he placed his hands upon her shoulders.

Sure he was defending her and showing his support, but Ivy also saw another meaning to his gesture, a significant sign that Ivy was his now and Matthew would do well to remember it or suffer the consequences. Quite honestly, Ivy didn’t mind, considering who it was targeted at and by the sheer contemptuous glare they were getting now. Matthew got the message loud and clear.

“Don’t trust her, mate,” Matthew said with a smirk that Ivy wanted to swat from his face. She could feel the tension building in Owen’s body and she knew she had to resolve this peacefully before it got out of hand.

“I know her, I believe in her, I trust her fully and above all, you will never be my mate.

Oh God, this is not good. Ivy could feel the tension in Owen’s body even stronger, hear it in his voice and it equally radiated from Matthew’s. She was hoping Gerard or Dan would step up, but she figured they were too caught up in their verbal duel.

“You’re just a toy at the moment, a rebound guy, so don’t get too comfortable. I know her more intimately than you ever will, mate.”

It was then that Owen lost his will to stay cool and stepped out from behind Ivy. “Don’t talk about her like that, you...”

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Suzanne Brandyn said...

I had to laugh. You're just a toy at the moment. lol.... Oh why doesn't she just play with him for a while. lol... :)