Sunday, October 16, 2011

What am I doing?


Well I'm on the down hill 9 days after Nudging Cupid was released and anxiously waiting for my print copies to not only come in the mail but to also see them in the book stores online.
I'm guilty of googling myself everyday since my publisher told me they are available in print and yet to find it- maybe they are waiting for it in the mail too.

So instead of stalking my mail man I decided I better keep tapping the keyboard and get this story finished. I'm quite proud of my work of late and feel I'm getting better as a writer. This ms is the second in a series that I'm working on and hoping to submit to a mainstream publisher next year at the RWA Conference on the Gold Coast- all fingers and toes crossed of course. So I best be off and utilize the rest of this gorgeous day after being outside in the garden this morning and a tad sun-kissed. Sitting on the back patio with my trusty laptop is calling to me.
Happy Writing and reading

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