Sunday, October 2, 2011

teaser 2- Nudging Cupid

Are you ready for the next snippet?
Well here goes.

She shook her head and he could see she was trying not to laugh as she continued, “There needs to be a favorite and I think it will be you. I had a feeling it would be you when I studied your profile, but I’m absolutely sure now that we have shared a...err, spent time together. I think if you came into that room as yourself it will change how they all think this game was going to be played. I think your contenders are going to feel a little threatened, but that makes the show more interesting.”

Interesting. “So let me get this straight.” He felt torn between her obvious attraction to him and her willingness to use him to boost her ratings.

She nodded.

“You think I’m attractive?” He waited cheekily for her to confirm, hoping she would remain as candid as she had started.


Bingo. He flashed his 250-watt smile. “You believe I am more attractive than any man here?”

She laughed lightly as he waited once again for confirmation. “Yes, I said that.”

“So much so, every woman here will want me.” This is fun.

This time she couldn’t help but wholeheartedly laugh before she could answer and the sound made him warm.


He took the small space that stood between them until he was a mere breath away. “Does that mean you want me?”

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